Inventory management made easy

inventory management made easy
Inventorying my company should be simple and quick...
I don’t want to spend much time with a long training on the software. The inventorying must be kept simple. The UI elements of the software should be as standardized as possible..
The inventory must be easy to find...
Filter functions should make it easy to find my inventory. I want to process the reports from the Asset Management later in Microsoft Office. 
The inventory software should be inexpensive...
If my needs grow to the inventory software, then the software should be able to grow, too. A network capability will then be useful.


The inventory management with TSInventory offers



Easy user interface by using standard elements of the OS
Runs on all current versions of Windows (7-10), 32 or 64 bits. Easy installation.
Simple database connection
No separate administration of the database needed. Just install and use.
Multilanguage Application
English and German language available. Other languages on request.
inventory management made easy

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Free test version

Here you can download the trial version. Only the number of possible inventory is limited compared to the full version.


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Test the software

Benefit from support services such as FAQ pages and mail. Of course we are available anytime for questions.


Support and FAQ

Pricing and purchase

Once you purchase a license, you get free upgrades of TSInventar for 12 months from the date of purchase. You only need to upgrade if you need new features of the new version.

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